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So I realzied something today....

So remember when I said I'd post more. Yeah. I do too, the thing is that its been a crazy busy summer. Also I realized that all my LJ notifications are going to an old email (the one I had when I was a grad student) so I miss like everything. This will be fixed tonight. This way I can follow fandom, stay up to date on my friend's journal, and hopefully feel connected again.

I'm happy to see that some of my favorite authors from the trek fandom are writing in other fandoms that I read!  This makes me very very happy. Also I've been re-watching Gilmore Girls which has been a favorite of mine for a long time and I'm thinking of dabbling in GG fic! :D

Mostly I hope folks are doing well and I'm hoping to be more plugged in now. :D


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Sep. 10th, 2013 12:16 am (UTC)
*hug* It happens lol.
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