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Fic: Lost in Middle America

Title:  Lost in Middle America
Author's name
: sleepygoof8784 
Written for: orphica 
Pairing/characters: Chris/Zach
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Chris and Zach are trapped/shipwrecked on a desert island. Chris is heteroflexible and eventually they use each other to relieve some sexual frustration. (It's not quite a deserted island, but they are trapped and need to work off some frustration
Disclaimer: So totally not mine. Also not mine? The West Wing, it;s characters and any dialogue I may have quoted from the episode 20 Hours in America in Season 4.
Note: As the disclaimer suggests this is somewhat of a West Wing AU. familiarity with the West Wing is not necessary to understand the prompt. All you need to know is that JJ is the President, the cast all works for him, and he is running for re-election. The story is based loosely (very very loosely) on the episode 20 Hours in America. Also it assumes that Indiana is still a state that does not include day light savings time. We do now, but I choose to ignore that. And finally to any Hoosiers I may have offended I apologize, though being a Midwesterner myself I play upon certain Midwestern Indiana stereotypes in the fic. 

Also a big big thanks to izzyfics for all her beta work. She looked at this at least three times, helped me with the sex stuff a bit and was just an all around great cheerleader. She's the best beta ever. :D  Oh and as always, comments are loved and cherished!

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