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Title: The Beats of Silence
Pairing: Chris Pine/Karl Urban, appearances by Zoe, Bruce Greenwood, and Katie Pine
Rating: NC-17 (there's dirty bits at the end)
Disclaimer: I so do not know these people, and I make no profit from this work. The title is taken from the Interpol song, Not Even Jail, which I also coincidentally, don't own.
Summary: The lovely (and patience) kinderjedi  won my services a million years ago in the help Pakistan auction. She requesting hurt/comfort Urbine. So Chris and Karl find themselves in uncharted territory after an accident leaves Chris injured, both physically and emotionally.
A/N: Once upon a time there existed in California this magical land called Hollywood, wherein all of the actors who stared in Star Trek XI were friends, and still hung out all the time. They all lived int he same magical land, all had kids in the same magical land, and continued to work together in various projects.  Also in this magical land Karl Urban was married, but not to the wife he had in the real world, and he also had kids, but not the kids he had in the real world. This magical land called Hollywood existed in a time long long ago (or in the future who knows) called an Alternate Universe. In other words, these people are real, the situations, not so much. :D
A/N2: Like when actor win awards and everyone says there crew is the best.  Well, I work with the BEST beta in the biz. Thanks to izzyfics she looked at this twice! And gave me much encouragement and hand holding along the way. She even suggested the title, she's the best really! You should ask her to do your next fic, or maybe not cause I don't' want you stealing her. Thanks for everything, bb!

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Fic: Luckiest, R (Chris, OFC)

Title: Luckiest
Pairing: Chris Pine/OFC (Gina)
Rating: R
Summary: Chris realzies just how lucky he is while in bed with his girlfriend. (PWP or well more like fluffy softcore PWP)
Series: In the same series (is this a series now?) as Unexpected and Candy
A/N: For izzyfics 5 Act Meme which she asked for well-sexed fic. Then she called me a tease since I told her I was writing something, and hadn't finished it yet ;p and I couldn't let that stand unchallenged, so here is you fic bb! lol. Unbeta'd since Izzy is my go to beta and this was for her. So all mistakes (hopefully there are few) are mine.  And as always comments are cherished and given a good home. :D

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Fic: Worth It (Grinto, Pg-13)

Title: Worth It
Pairing: Jon Groff/Zach Quinto (haters gonna hate, but I'll squash wank like a cockroack)
Rating: PG-13 for questionable language and sexual references
Prompt: I asked for prompts for drabbles, and hilsongirl requested Grinto, one of them in the audience while the other preformed.
Disclaimer: I so do not know these people, and I make no profit from this work. Also, I've never been to New York and I've only read Angels In America I've never seen it performed.
A/N: Not beta'd because it was comment fic that got too long. I've never written Grinto before and I'm incredibly nervous about this, so be gentle.  As always comments are cherished. :D


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Want Your Prompts...

Hey all,

We've had 2 inches of snow since 9 am this morning, and that is on top of the 6 in of ice. I'm still sleepy from being up 20 hours yesterday. And I'm working on thesis revisions.

Which naturally means I'm looking for a bit of  a distraction ot keep me from going crazy.  Sooo I need your help. Send me a prompt! :D

I asked for prompts in another post and got two (which are awesome! And that I'm still working on, I have ideas for both. :D) but I'd always love more.

So go on, prompt me, anything you want. (well within the Trek, Merlin, and CSI:NY fandoms, that's about all I"m comfortable writing at the moment.). RPF or not. Hit me with your prompts, please! :D

After saying I wasn't going to do it. I did it anyway.  I am still owing people fic from the Pakistan fundraiser. (kinderjedi I am working on it, I swear. Got a big part done while I've been sick actually). So no fic this time.

But I am offering hand made items.  Like a hat and hand warmers and scarf.  Or crochet animal of your choice.

Click the links to see my offerings or head over here to see what everyone is offering.


Hey all just a reminder that I'm offering handmade items, a hat w/ hand warmers and a fandom customizable dog tag necklace, in the Purple Dove Project Auction.

Auction ends tomorrow, Jan 8th at noon EST.

If you haven't heard about the Purple Dove Project check it out here: http://community.livejournal.com/thepurpledove/

Its a fandom auction to raise money for organizations that work with LGBT youth and work to stop LGBT bullying and teen suicides.  I'm auctioning two handmade items, which you will find if you click the banners below.  If you can consider bidding on something. If you can't pimp the project.  And if you are looking for a specific crochet item, contact me, for a small donation to one of the approved charities (I'm partial to Trevor Project) I'd be happy to do a custom request piece. :D

Title: Leave a Light On
Pairing: McCoy/Chapel, with an appearance by Janice Rand and a secret couple
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: From fringedweller  McCoy/Chapel/Kirk - threesomes are tricky, especially when you're competing against the legendary Jim Kirk for your lover's attention. Chapel is feeling a bit sidelined, so decides to back out gracefully with her pride just about intact but her heart seriously wounded. Her boys track her down to her secret ship hideyhole and convince her that they need her to make things work.
Word Count: 4,886
Disclaimer: Characters aren't mine, but oh if wishing made it so. Title and Lj cut text taken from the Garth Brooks song Leave a Light On, which I also don't own.
A/N: Written for the 2010 mccoy_chapel Holiday Exchange. I hope you like it fringedweller .  Also thanks to izzyfics for her lightening fast beta job and her cheerleading and excellent advice on where to add more. :)  I did add stuff after she looked at it so any remaining mistakes are mine alone. And as always comments are cherished like small furry pets. :)
I, lost my way but found today somebody needed me to open up the door closed before...Collapse )

Fic: The Perfect(?) McCoy-Pike Christmas

Title: The Perfect(?) McCoy-Pike Christmas
Fandom & Pairing: Star Trek Reboot, Pike/McCoy
Rating: PG
Warnings: Schmoop, Family Stuff,
Word Count: Around 7700
Summary: Len wants their first married Christmas to be perfect. Chris wants to make that happen. Joanna wants, well Chris and Len don't know what she wants.
Disclaimer: Any resemblance to anything whatsoever is purely coincidental.
A/N : For the pikemccoy holiday-a-thon. Finished at 12:30 am this morning, so it has not been beta'd. (Yikes) All errors are mine alone. Hope you all enjoy, and as always comments are loved.


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Christmas Cards...

Just a reminder.  If you'd like a Christmas card from yours truely, stop by my sign up list and hit me with your address...I'm hoping to get them addressed soon. :)

Visit here to add your info to the screened comments. :)  : http://sleepygoof8784.livejournal.com/58470.html

He's Making a List....

So its that time of year.  Santa's making lists, chestnuts are roasting, stockings are being hung, and  those of us allergic to live Christmas trees are mainlining antihistamines. (lol). And the annual explosion of mail is about to happen. :)

So I'm making Christmas card lists.  :)

Drop your address, etc here (comments are screened) if you'd like to get an x-mas card from yours truly. :D

And if you've already made a similar post, let me know in the comments as well, just in case I missed it. :)